Low Environmental Impact (LEI) Program Schedule

pic-sub-tree-shrub-scheduleHow the Program Works

Our Low Environmental Impact Program consists of four scheduled visits, or five if you choose to have the grub control included.

  • Spring—We start in spring with the first application of a slow-release fertilizer plus crabgrass pre-emergent. This provides a nice green-up and helps control crabgrass later in the year.
  • Spring through Summer—If you choose to include the Acelepryn® grub control, it can be applied through August to control white grubs. We encourage applying this product in April, as it will also control other lawn damaging pests.
  • May through early June—The second fertilizer application uses Polyon®. Designed to last around 150 days, applying Polyon® controlled release fertilizer at this time satisfies your lawn’s fertilization needs until September. We also apply a broadleaf weed control.
  • Late Summer—We schedule a service call to check on the lawn and take care of any summer weeds such as spurge, crabgrass, or nutsedge.
  • September—We apply the final application of a 100% slow-release fertilizer along with broadleaf weed control to gradually provide your lawn with the nutrients it will require for the fall growing season.

Our program is designed to provide the maximum benefit from your lawn during summer, the time you use it most. Minimal applications means less time staying off of your lawn and more time enjoying it.