pic-sub-lawn-optionalOptional Program: Yearly Schedule

Additional services offered (Price based on lawn size)

Flea/Tick Control
As needed

We can apply an insect control to the grass areas only to help reduce flea and tick populations in the yard.

Fungicide Applications
As needed

In certain cases, fungicides may be recommended to reduce disease activity on some lawns. Most fungus problems are soil and temperature related and seems to re-appear each year. We prefer to treat on a preventive basis, such as a three or four application program aimed at a particular problem. In some cases fungicides may not be the complete answer and re-sodding or re-seeding with disease resistant varieties of turf may be needed.

Fungicide applications are NOT guaranteed!

Lake-safe Fertilization Program
On request

Our Lake-safe Fertilization Program reduces runoff of unwanted nutrients to surrounding waterways, using slow release fertilizers and fertilizers with no phosporus, which is the main nutrient responsible for algae blooms.

Organic Program
On request

Diamond Lawn Service offers an organic fertilization program using a naturally based organic fertilizer. Broadleaf weeds are generally spot treated throughout the season. Free service calls are also included with this program. Price is based upon lawn size.

Preventive Grub Control
June or July

The Metro Detroit area continues to have a high white grub population. Grubs are the larvae of beetles which cause damage to turf by feeding on the root system, thus preventing water from reaching the grass plants. This in turn causes brown areas, and if left untreated, possibly death of the turf.

It is impossible to tell which lawns will be affected by grubs from year to year therefore we recommend the grub preventive for all lawns. Preventive grub controls are done in June or July.

Soil Testing
On request

Soil tests help us tailor a fertilization program based upon the needs of your soil. This is a great way to get started at the onset of your lawn program.