pic-sub-faq-maintenanceAt Diamond Lawn, we offer answers to frequently asked questions that help solve customer concerns:

1. How often will I receive applications?
We work to keep applications between 6-8 weeks. Applications such as the preventive grub control may overlap the regular visits. These applications are done when weather and timing permit their most effective control.

2. How often should I water my lawn?
In general, we recommend 1 inch of water per week under normal weather conditions. We recommend more during hot, dry periods and less during wet, rainy periods. A rain gauge is very handy in keeping track of water amounts.

3. Can my lawn be mowed the same day you apply an application?
We ask that you delay mowing for 24 hours if possible. We also recommend that you return your clippings back to the lawn. This helps recycle the nutrients and provides a greener lawn.

4. When can I seed my lawn?
The ideal time to seed lawns in this part of Michigan is between August 15th and September 15th. You can actually get good results anytime the grass is actively growing, however you may have to deal with weeds and crabgrass with a spring seeding. As with any new seeding proper watering is essential for good results. If a pre-emergent has been applied you may want to remove the areas and put in new topsoil for best results.

5. What should I do if my mowing service arrived after you fertilized?
Lawn mowing services do not remove any significant amount of fertilizer from the yard.

Contact us any time with your horticultural questions. We really care!