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Ice Melter Products

We are currently out of ice melter products.

Early spring tips

With the warmer weather this is a great time to get out in the yard and clean-up any leaves and debris that may have collected over the winter. We are making applications and any rain or snow is beneficial.

Seasonal Tips

Here’s some helpful bits of information that can help you keep a better looking lawn and provide the most value from Diamond Lawn Service. We hope these tips help your lawn look its best throughout the season. Please ask your

Mowing Heights

There is always a tendency to keep lawns short, maybe to mimic a golf course, or just a preference.  Low mowing heights in the spring helps clean-up debris.  Longer mowing heights in summer heat will better shade soil to conserve

Mulch Your Beds at Any Time

If you take the time to mulch your beds. this not only looks good, but can save the water that our landscapes get from rain or watering.  It will also reduce weeds and the Hardwood mulch will improve the soil

Starting the 2016 season

With the milder weather, we have begun to make our fertilizer and pre-emergent crabgrass control applications. Weather permitting, we should have the crabgrass control applied by the 3rd week of April. For you technical buffs, we base our pre-emergent timing