pic-sub-maintenance-fullTargeted Grub and Insect Control

Our Low Environmental Impact Program provides the latest in white grub control technology. Acelepryn® insecticide delivers superior results at the lowest application rate ever utilized for white grub control.

Acelepryn® insecticide is kinder to the environment because:

  • A single application controls grubs and a wide variety of other turf pests, eliminating the need for multiple products and applications.
  • Based on acute toxicity testing, Acelepryn® is the first and only grub control that does not include a signal word (such as caution, danger, or warning) on its label.
  • It has a low impact on non-target organisms such as birds, bees, and fish.
  • It only targets insects that damage the turf, not other beneficial insects.
  • Acelepryn® has received a reduced risk classification from the EPA, making it a smart solution at a time when we are looking for more environmentally sound products.