pic-sub-faq-adminAt Diamond Lawn, we offer answers to frequently asked questions that help solve customer concerns:

1. Who do I talk to if I have a problem with my service?
Our office staff or service technicians can readily answer most questions concerning your lawn. Service managers are available to answer any specific questions.

2. Do you require signed contracts?
No, Diamond Lawn will continue to service your lawn application to application and year to year until we are notified to stop. It is your responsibility to notify us to stop the service.

3. After service is provided how will I be invoiced?
Our technicians will leave the invoice along with instructions at you door after each application, unless you have requested that your invoice be mailed. 

4. Can you call me before my scheduled applications?
Yes. We are happy to call the day before any application if you would like notification. Please provide us with a number to contact you during normal business hours, or let us know if we can leave a message on your answering machine.