pic-sub-lawn-basicBasic Service: Yearly Schedule

Early Spring Application (March or April): 
Pre-emergent Crabgrass control and granular fertilization

We apply pre-emergent crabgrass control in early spring prior to crabgrass germination. Fertilization helps to green your turf as quickly as possible in the spring. This application helps control crabgrass and other weeds before they get started. This application does not control dandelions.

Once watered in, the pre-emergent forms a barrier in the soil to help prevent crabgrass plants from emerging through the soil. Ideally you will not notice any crabgrass problems. Realistically, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature to help produce ideal results. Temperature extremes and too much or too little rainfall can adversely affect the effectiveness of any control product. For these reasons, we offer service calls at no extra charge, for customers on our full five application program.

Late Spring Application (Late April through June):
Broadleaf weed control and granular fertilization

Diamond Lawn Service uses slow-release granular fertilizers throughout the year to provide a longer greening response for your lawn. For this reason we do not need to apply 6 to 8 applications per year as many of our competitors who use lower quality products. We also apply broadleaf weed control to help reduce weed populations in your lawn.

Summer Application (Late June through August):
Slow-release fertilization and spot weed control

Our summer application includes slow-release fertilization for continued deep green color. We also spot treat any broadleaf weeds in the lawn. We do not generally treat the entire lawn with weed controls at this time because weed controls can stress the turf and cause discoloration. Our trained technicians treat as needed on each individual lawn.

Late Summer / Fall Application
(Late August through Mid-October):

Late summer and fall are ideal times to improve your lawn from any stress caused by weather conditions throughout the summer. It is also the best time of year to apply broadleaf weed controls. Many of the weeds present in your lawn in the spring actually germinate in late summer! We continue to spray weeds into November if possible.

The ideal time of year to seed in this area of Michigan is August 15th through September 15th. The weather is warm enough to allow proper germination, yet as the fall approaches the cooler evening temperatures provide ideal conditions for establishing new grass. As always watering is necessary if natural rainfall is not sufficient. Usually new seed requires more watering than usual until the grass is fully established.

(October through November): 

We apply a heavy rate of fertilizer to help keep the turf green and to help provide an early spring green-up. This application helps to promote root growth after the top growth has stopped. Turf roots will continue to grow until the soil freezes.